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We substitute single use 
plastic tableware for a 
better tomorrow

My Site is a one-stop-shop for eco-friendly, biodegradable tableware. We are the manufacturer of paper cups, paper plates, paper straws, toothpics, Hana Earbuds, wooden cutlery, and much more. Our products are designed with sustainability in mind and are made from 100% renewable resources.

Our mission is to provide our customers with products that are not only eco-friendly but also stylish and convenient. We are committed to helping the environment and reducing our carbon footprint. Shop My Site to help make a difference today.

A brand that speaks quality. (ambassador) since 1960

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New addition to the HANA family
Tropical Leaves


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You've carefully created a menu, chosen colors, crafted your logo, picked chairs and tables and lighting and paint. Your packaging deserves the same level of attention.

Your food isn't generic , so why should your packaging be? you don't have to use off-the-shelf products that just anyone can use - you can build your brand with custom prints and embossing. With more than 100 customization products, you can set yourself apart with a customized packaging suite.

Various Options

Choose from our wide range

of environment friendly single use

tableware and personal hygiene  productsto suit your needs.

Nation Wide Network

Touchwood industries has

established a nation wide network

with various vendors ensuring

maximum reach.

Best Prices

We offer products at 

an affordable price to make sure

saving nature, saves money 

along the way.

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